Random thoughts and discussion of the daily finds and frustrations of a corporate programmer. I work for a Fortune 100 non-tech company, and the things I run across can be either extremely funny or frustrating for someone in the tech world. I figured I would share some of my experiences along with some of my findings while trying to fulfill programming requests. My background includes, .Net (C#, VB, ASP), SQL Server, Office Programming (VBA), Visual Basic, Crystal Reports, and many more. I intend on sharing code that I find helpful, stories that are humorous, and take questions if you so desire. I may even ask for help myself. The programming world is ever changing, and I know how hard is to keep on top of everything. Maybe we can help each other out.

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  • February 15, 2010 at 7:53 am

    dude, do you have any idea how to speed up internet connections ?

    • February 15, 2010 at 1:55 pm

      I don’t know any specific settings or ‘hacks’ that will increase speed besides paying for faster speeds. I generally look at my overall system performance. If it’s performing well, then I get the most out what my internet provider gives. The one thing that I do notice is that anti-virus and other protection software tend to slow down my speed as well as my internet experience. What I ended up doing on my new Windows 7 install, is not go with Norton or McAfee since they seem to be heavy and slow everything down. Instead, I actually used the free Microsoft Security Essentials (http://www.microsoft.com/Security_Essentials/). Believe it or not, it actually works pretty well. It hasn’t crashed on me, has detected threats, and hasn’t interfered with anything. Another thing I do is use FireFox as my browser. To me, that seems to be the best one for performance and features. I’ve tried Chrome, but it didn’t work well with a lot of sites I tried. IE 8 is better than IE 7, but still not as fast as Fire Fox.

      Sorry, I didn’t have any thing earth shattering to share. But, hopefully it may help some.


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